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La-Croche-et-le-marteau - Elsa Moatti
La-Croche-et-le-marteau - Tom Georgel

Tom Georgel


La-Croche-et-le-Marteau - Léo Margue

Elsa Moatti


La-Croche-et-le-marteau - Victor Aubert

Victor Aubert


     La-Croche-et-le-marteau is a group of five improvisers with contrasted itineraries: gathered by the breath of jazz, classical, baroque and contemporary music, Tom Georgel (piano), Maël Bailly (viola), Elsa Moatti (violin), Victor Aubert (bass) et Léo Margue (saxophone), met in 2014 at the Paris Conservatoire in the class of generative improvisation taught by Alexandros Markéas and Vincent Lê Quang. They weave strong links, and along their encounterings with artists such as Joëlle Léandre, Jacques Rebotier, Joe Quitzke, a certain thirst of letting « the sounds of present » emerge is associated to the obviousness of collaborating with other forms of expression: dance, text, voice. They get in touch with dancer Yoann Jolly, singer Juliette Meyer, and actor Rolland Timsit with whom they get involved in 2018 in a Sacem pedagogical partnership.

     In March 2019, La-Croche-et-le-marteau was invited by Anne Montaron in her programme “A l’Improviste”.

Léo Margue


La-Croche-et-le-marteau - Maël Bailly

Maël Bailly


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